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BIOAQUA Natural Lip Sleeping Mask to Soothe Dry Cracked Lips

BIOAQUA Natural Lip Sleeping Mask to Soothe Dry Cracked Lips

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BIOAQUA Natural Lip Sleeping Mask to Soothe Dry Cracked Lips

Quantity: 20g

Product Id: BQY9980

BIOAQUA Natural Lip Sleeping Mask Description:

Gone are the days of having to use greasy, gross lip balms that leave your lips feeling sticky and uncomfortable! With this all-natural lip mask, you'll be able to moisturize and treat your lips so that they're soft and supple. The fact that it also contains strawberries to help hydrate your lips is just a bonus!

Our lip sleeping mask is pure, natural, and made with ingredients that nourish your lips overnight. Good for you and for the planet.

Get your nightly beauty sleep with this 100% natural lip sleeping mask! This lightweight cream is like a veil of silk that goes on lickety-split and melts right in to feed and hydrate your dry lips. This quick-fix formula contains everything you need to help remove dead skin cells and combat wrinkles, chapped lips, age spots, and all other signs of aging. It also hydrates your lips for the entire

Lip care has never been this good and easy. For a flawless lip line, deep hydration, and protection against the aging effects of the environment, our Natural Lip Sleeping Mask is your answer. It will remove dead skin cells with ingredients like essential oils and waxes while providing nourishment with anti-oxidants like strawberries and vitamin E.

It's not just a lip mask. It's the best lip mask. Say goodbye to the days of chapped lips, dryness, and flaky lip texture. Say hello to a more youthful-looking, moisturized, and nourished pout with BIOAQUA Natural Lip Sleeping Mask. The strawberries in our moisturizing ingredients pack a punch in this deeply hydrating nighttime treatment. Plus, we've also added beeswax and vitamin

How To Use:

1. Before going to sleep, use a lip brush to apply the lip mask to the lip.
2. Lip's dead skin gradually softened and dissolved.
3. The next day with a cotton pad gently wipes the lip mask.

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