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BIOAQUA Peach Extract Body Lotion Hexapeptide Extract

BIOAQUA Peach Extract Body Lotion Hexapeptide Extract

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BIOAQUA Peach Extract Body Lotion Hexapeptide Extract


Net weight: 250ml

SKU: BQY67963

BIOAQUA Peach Extract Body Lotion Benefits:

With Peach Extract, Hexapeptide Extract, and other skin-loving ingredients, this BIOAQUA body lotion helps to improve skin dryness and water shortage with a fresh and nongreasy texture. The result is beautiful and healthy skin that's moisturized and smooth to the touch.

This natural body lotion with Hexapeptide Extracts will make your skin amazingly soft and supple. Our patented Hydra-PEG, it is able to deeply hydrate your skin and help improve the water shortage. After a single application, you'll feel like you're in a tropical paradise with our refreshingly light texture that's not greasy at all.

This body lotion is a must-have for those with dull skin. Aside from the natural moisturizing effects, the hexapeptide extract, peach extract, and other ingredients are all designed to help soothe your skin and provide it with some much-needed hydration for a healthy look that lasts.

BIOAQUA's Body Lotion Hexapeptide Extract is a lightweight, long-lasting formula for dry skin that improves hydration and leaves you feeling soft and silky. The gentle cream is formulated with moisturizing Hexapeptide extracts to help penetrate your skin while soothing and softening your skin, so you can enjoy beautiful, glowing skin all day long.

It's time to leave your skin's thirsty days behind! Introducing BIOAQUA Peach Extract Body Lotion, an amazing hexapeptide extract with a refreshing texture. Our formula is designed to gently moisturize and hydrate your skin, while also improving the health of your skin and its appearance. It can also help improve dryness and water shortage in your skin, opening up the moisture channel for long-lasting hydration.

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