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Double White Whitening Cream 3D with Vitamin E Herbal Cosmetics

Double White Whitening Cream 3D with Vitamin E Herbal Cosmetics

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Double White Whitening Cream 3D with Vitamin E Herbal Cosmetics

Brand: Double White

Net Weight: 25g


Double White Whitening Cream Details:

Skin is the reflection of our lifestyle. Our skin is tested by pollution, sun, stress, aging, and many other factors. We need to take care of it with a complete solution - Double White Whitening Cream with Vitamin E Herbal Cosmetics is exactly what you need! Formulated with peptides, vitamin E, and herbal cosmetics that are safe and good for the skin.

Skin whitening cream that whitens and makes skin glow. Whiten skin, and make it radiant and glowing. This is a perfect sales product for any store!

Get that natural, glowing skin you've always wanted with Double White Whitening Cream! This 3-D white cream is high in Vitamin E, and it's packed with hydroquinone for the best skin-whitening effect. Get that professionally-done makeup look in just minutes!

A one-of-a-kind whitening cream that enhances your skin's natural glow while giving it that magical, sexy white look.

Whitening cream with skin whitening and moisturizing functions.

"The best whitening cream for dry skin!" is what people are saying about our product. Be the fairest in the room with our 100% organic solution for dry skin.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots while whitening, with Double Whitening Cream 3D. It is a multi-functional skin care product with a high concentration of mineral components that are safe for all skin types. Restore the brightness and elasticity of your skin, with its rich nutrients to keep it healthy and hydrated.

What you need is a skincare that is specifically formulated for skin whitening. Double White Cream 3D, with its herbal and vitamin E components, is the perfect remedy for your skincare woes. You will have a clear and brightened complexion in no time.

Double Whitening Cream is a 3D whitening cream with Vitamin E, which promotes whitening, and removes spots, dark spots, and dark circles.

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