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Dr Rashel Peach Lip Balm Plumping and Hydrating Nourishing

Dr Rashel Peach Lip Balm Plumping and Hydrating Nourishing

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Dr Rashel Peach Lip Balm Plumping and Hydrating Nourishing

Quantity: 3gm 

SKU: DRL 1672


Firming. Hydrating. Smooth. Plump lips.

Dr Rashel Peach Lip Balm Benefits:

Experience the luxury of soft and smooth lips with Dr Rashel's Lip Balm. With a light, fruity scent and rich, buttery texture, this balm is luxurious as it nourishes. It provides both hydration and plumping to give your lips a fuller look.

Bring your lips back to life with Dr. Rashel's all-natural, organic lip balm. Our Peach flavor lip balm is made with pure, organic, and vegan ingredients. It's homeopathic, safe for the whole family (including kids), and will leave your lips feeling healed and nourished.

Our lips are always the first thing people see. What's more, we lick them every day (gross!). This means they're constantly exposed to our bacteria, dry air, and harsh chemicals. But Dr Rashel Peach Lip Balm has got you covered! Stick to this lip balm for soft and supple lips that shine with natural color. We're plumping and nourishing to give you the best-looking pout. And we have a little extra added benefit: our formula is firming and smoothing to help prevent wrinkles on your beautiful face.

Dr Rashel's innovative lip balm is infused with natural ingredients to hydrate and nourish your lips to a smoother, plumper state. The best part? Its clinically proven ingredients provide long-lasting hydration and lip firming!

All your lips want and need, in a lip balm. Dr Rashel Peach Lip Balm is a high-performance product that plumps, hydrates, nourishes, and firms your lips. Our specially designed formula provides high levels of hydration for dry lips, plumping to give you a fuller pout and smoother texture. More importantly than any temporary aesthetic effect, our lip balm is formulated with Shea Butter to replenish moisture and help nourish the natural oils present in your lips.

If you're looking for a lip balm that will plump, hydrate, nourish, and firm up your lips, Dr. Rashel Peach is the only solution you need. Unlike our competitors' products, this is the only lip balm that is designed to provide all of these benefits to your lips!

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