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Dr Rashel Whitening Skin Care Kit Fade Dark Spots In a Gift Box

Dr Rashel Whitening Skin Care Kit Fade Dark Spots In a Gift Box

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Dr Rashel Whitening Skin Care Kit Fade Dark Spots In a Gift Box

Product Id: DRL 1556


1) Dr Rashel Whitening Fade Spots Cleanser Makeup Remover
2) Dr Rashel Whitening Fade Spots Serum for Deeply Lightening Skin
3) Dr Rashel Whitening Day Cream SPF20 Fairness Cream
4) Dr Rashel Whitening Night Cream Reduces Dark Spots

Dr Rashel Whitening Skin Care Kit Description:

Dr. Rashel's Whitening Skin Care Kit is a one-stop multi-use skin care kit that not only fades dark spots but also moisturizes, protects, and rejuvenates your skin. It contains a complete set of all you need for naturally clear skin, in a beautiful gift box that makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. You will receive all the essentials in one kit to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and protect your skin, with powerful ingredients such as Salicylic Acid to prevent breakouts and Vitamin C to even out your complexion.

Dr Rashel Whitening Skin Kit is a perfect gift for someone who desires flawless, beautiful skin. The kit includes everything they need to enhance the skin while they sleep, wake up, and go about their day. It is a fast way to get rid of dark spots and get that natural glow back.

For the black, brown, and tan skin tones: Dr. Rashel Whitening Skin Care Kit is here to make you feel beautiful! This kit will not only help you fade dark spots but also nourish your skin and give it that glow that you deserve. Our products are all formulated with potent ingredients of natural origin. This kit comes with a cleanser, serum, day cream, and night cream for an all-in-one solution to keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

Prevent skin darkening with the Rashel Whitening Skin Care Kit. This gift box contains a complete set of whitening skin care products with SPF 20 that your skin deserves. Our Whitening Fade Spots Cleanser removes impurities and excess oil, our Whitening Fade Spots Serum brightens and renews skin cells, our Whitening Day Cream moisturizes and protects from the signs of aging, and our Whitening Night Cream eliminates dark spots and wrinkles by keeping skin moisturized all day long.

Get the best whitening skincare and whiten your skin in just a few weeks. Our products are made of the highest quality ingredients and are cruelty-free, so you can feel good about how you're caring for your skin. Each product is designed to work together so that you get a full range of benefits while using them.

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