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IMAGES Amino Acid Face Mask Bubbles Facial Mask

IMAGES Amino Acid Face Mask Bubbles Facial Mask

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IMAGES Amino Acid Face Mask Bubbles Facial Mask

Net Weight: 25g

SKU: XXM29688

IMAGES Amino Acid Face Mask Description:

With Amino Acid Facial Mask, you won't have to worry about dry skin anymore. The mask is enriched with amino acids and carbonic acid, which moisturizes your skin and gets rid of a dark yellow tinge. With our thin, strong, soft, and stretchy film cloth that won't easily deform, the mask produces rich and delicate foam that will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Get clear, bright skin at home with Amino Acid Facial Mask. This black carbonated mask is rich in amino acids and minerals to deeply moisturize your skin, as well as bubbles for its dry and dull spots. The thin film cloth is strong and easy to use, not deforming easily. It also produces a rich, delicate foam that feels amazing on your skin.

Don't let dry, dull skin stop you! Our amino acid-enriched face mask is formulated with carbonic acid bubbles to deeply moisturize your skin. Our thin and strong cloth mask with delicate foam makes it easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling healthy in no time.

Sometimes, we need to indulge. That's when you whip out the Amino Acid Facial Mask and wrap yourself in luxury. Your skin will be replenished with healthy amino acids to give you an all-around moisturized look and feel. Carbonic bubbles will gently dissolve dark yellow skin, leaving your complexion looking brighter and lighter. Forget those expensive salon facials or skincare treatments, now you can pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home with this personalized face mask that's cheap and convenient.

The Amino Acid Moisturizing Mask contains amino acids, carbonic acid bubbles, and black and yellow film cloth to provide a deep, white and delicate foam so that the skin can be completely moisturized. It helps restore skin hydration and elasticity, making your skin delicate and smooth.

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