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Keratin Nourishing Hair Mask 500ML

Keratin Nourishing Hair Mask 500ML

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Keratin Nutrition Treatment Keratin Nourishing Hair Mask 500ml


Gradually Helps Increase Hair Strength, Shine
Help Restore Hair Thickness
Brazil Nut Flavor
Increase hair stealth, shine, and softness.
That leaves hair more nourished, manageable, and beautiful. Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask anti-frizz mask is designed to seal strands against humidity and frizz, leaving locks gorgeously smoot
keratin Mask.

Essence: natural plant essences your hair long-lasting and refreshing fragrant and charming
Vegetable glycerin: contain vegetable glycerin, supply nutrition to the hair, and repair the damaged hair
Vitamin: the rich vitamin solves all those problems caused by lack of nutrition.
Function: moisturizing, repairing frizz and damaged hair.

How to Use Keratin Nourishing Hair Mask 500ML

Dry the Hair, then put the hair mask from the end of the hair, avoid the scalp
Massage with finger pulp for 3 min, let every single hair absorb the nutrition
Warm the hair with a hot towel for 5 -10 minutes to accelerate the absorption.
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