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SENANA Moisture Makeup Remover

SENANA Moisture Makeup Remover

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ROREC SENANA Moisture Makeup Remover Skin Care Deep Cleansing Water 50ml


SENANA Moisture Makeup Remover Refreshing oil-free formulation, very tender.
2. It can soothe skin, maintain skin elasticity.
3. With a soft water-soluble formulation of fresh makeup water,
4. Can effectively dissolve stubborn makeup, Excess skin oil, and dirt, Make skin comfortable and clear.
5. Makeup removal while maintaining skin moisture, Nourish the skin, hydrate, and moisturize, Make skin supple and non-tight.
Use method: Take the right amount in the palm, in the face with a spiral coating, to the make-up remover and the full integration of dirt, with water or full cleaning, after removing makeup, please be sure to use the cleanser.

Note: In the use of the process, such as entering the eye, please immediately use water rinse, if the skin is found to have any discomfort and allergies, please stop use immediately, do not let children touch, not edible.

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Storage Conditions: Store in the cool place of the wind, to avoid direct sunlight.

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