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Teeth Whitening Powder With Activated Charcoal & Carbon Powder

Teeth Whitening Powder With Activated Charcoal & Carbon Powder

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Teeth Whitening Powder With Activated Charcoal & Carbon Powder


- Teeth whitening

- Detoxification of the skin

- Use in facial products to cleanse the skin


Activated Charcoal & Carbon Powder is an effective natural way to clean and purify teeth. Activated charcoal is derived from the bamboo or coconut shell and compressed for the natural organic and activated charcoal powder for teeth whitening. Activated charcoal powder or Activated bamboo charcoal powder is different from ordinary charcoal that has been heated at a very high temperature.

Want a white, healthy smile? Charcoal has been used in medicine and beauty products throughout time. Now we're introducing a new way to use it! Introducing our Activated Charcoal Powder for Whitening Teeth. After brushing your teeth with the powder, you can rinse the residue away. Use this activated powder to clean your teeth and fight cavities.

Do you have yellow teeth? You need the best teeth powder on the market. You need Teeth Whitening Powder With Activated Charcoal. We're not kidding. It's time to rid your mouth of that yellow tone and replace it with a brighter, whiter smile. It's time to use our superior teeth-whitening powder that'll do just that for you.

Get that Hollywood smile without the dentist visit with this Activated Charcoal Teeth Powder. This activated charcoal powder is made from bamboo or coconut shells and activated for the best teeth power. So ditch those expensive strips and brush your teeth with ease!

Whitening your teeth is no longer just a way to make them brighter or to remove surface stains. It's a way to help prevent tooth decay and get rid of bad breath. Use this natural and organic powder for teeth that won't damage your enamel, but will get the job done!


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