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Dr Rashel Silver Face Serum Pure Silver 99% VIP All-in-One

Dr Rashel Silver Face Serum Pure Silver 99% VIP All-in-One

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Dr Rashel Silver Face Serum Pure Silver 99% VIP All-in-One

Net Weight: 50ml Product Id: DRL 1428

Dr Rashel Silver Face Serum Description:

Brighten, repair, and defend your skin with the power of pure silver! This serum is a revolutionary blend of powerful hyaluronic 24k, collagen-boosting ingredients, and pure silver for an unmatched anti-aging formula. With its unique blend of pure silver and collagen-boosting ingredients like vitamin C, pro-vitamin B5, and hydrolyzed silk protein, your skin will be left feeling smooth, firm, and hydrated. You'll also notice a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines & pores over time.

With high concentrations of pure silver, this serum will make your skin as soft and smooth as silk. It will also help to destroy bacteria, oil, and dirt that can contribute to spots and acne. The serum also helps improve the condition of your skin and makes it more radiant.

Turn back the hands of time with Dr Rashel Silver Face Serum. This Pure Silver 99% VIP All-in-One serum is rich in 24k colloidal silver, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten skin tone. Collagen production is improved, skin feels smoother and tighter, and pores are minimized. In addition to having a remarkable impact on your appearance, this serum also has potent hydration qualities for dry and rough skin.

Dr Rashel Silver Face Serum is a complete anti-aging skincare treatment for all skin types. It's made of pure silver 99% foil, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. This serum will tighten your pores, hydrate your skin, and repair dry patches. It also brightens your skin tone and gives you a healthy glow. This serum is effective for all ages and good for sensitive skin because it has no irritants or harmful ingredients.


Rich in hyaluronic 24k Silver foil, collagen anti-aging, smooth, tight pores, brighten skin tone, and repairs dry and rough skin.

Moisturize heal fine lines:

smooths firm skin; effective skincare; skin reproduces the glory quickly infiltration dermis, release silver active ions, and improve skin suction 10 timesImprove skin fine lines, and dry lines, evenly brighten skin, revitalizes and moisturizes

The package includes 1 pc x 24K Silver Essence.

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