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BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit and Pore Cleanser

BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit and Pore Cleanser

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BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit and Pore Cleanser

Quantity: 7g x 3

Product Id: BQY7953

BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit Description:

We know that you have always wanted to have the perfect skin. Filled with beautiful blemishes and blackheads. For this reason, we present to you BIOAQUA's Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit. The first use of gray paste, black rose on the surface of the skin, the pink paste, suction blackheads, and finally, use the blue paste to shrink pores and blackheads

Blackheads ruin your makeup, leave you vulnerable to acne breakouts, and just look gross. The 3-step process of the Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit will have you looking fresh in no time. First, use our gray paste to suction blackheads and pull out the most stubborn deep-seated ones. Step 2 is our pink paste that clears blackheads, and helps with inflamed skin.

Clean your face in the morning and at night with our blackhead remover, and in just 3 short steps we'll have your face looking clean, clear, and refreshed. BIOAQUA's three-step blackhead remover will help shrink pores and remove excess sebum from your skin, making sure that you'll never have to worry about pesky blackheads again.

Blackhead Remover 3 Steps kit is a 3-step system to deal with blackheads, whiteheads, and enlarged pores. Easy to use and gentle on the skin, it removes blackheads, whiteheads, and enlarged pores to keep the skin clear and beautiful.

How to Use:

1: After cleaning, remove the first gray paste, securely attached it to the nose, and wait 15-20 minutes.

2: wet noses, remove the second pink sticker, affixed to the surface of the pink nose paste off the plastic film, Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, until the nose is completely dry, slowly peeling off.

3: Out of 3 blue stickers, 5-10 minute shrinkage pore deposits.

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