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BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Facial Mask A Radical New Approach to Skin

BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Facial Mask A Radical New Approach to Skin

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BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Facial Mask A Radical New Approach to Skin

Quantity: 30g

Product Id: BQY0184

BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Facial Mask Description:

Your skin deserves to be nourished. BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Facial Mask is the perfect solution for your dry and dehydrated winter skin. Made with natural ingredients like blueberry extract, this mask will leave your skin feeling moisturized, hydrated, & fresh. It's easy to use and contains high moisture content that will remove any signs of dry skin or wrinkles you may have.

The blueberry wonder mask is the best for dry skin! It has a high moisture content with live blueberries and glycerin that help nourish the skin. And the active ingredients of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract make it an anti-aging product with moisturizing benefits of all kinds.

BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Facial Mask is the ultimate moisturizing mask, made with a special active ingredient that hydrates as it removes skin dryness. With its easy-to-use instructions, you'll be glowing with moisture in no time! With a high moisture content and natural ingredients, Blueberry Wonder Mask will enhance your skin's natural beauty while maintaining its health.

Sick of spending a fortune on skin moisturizers and looking for results that last? Try our patented, natural Blueberry Wonder Mask. With just one treatment, you'll see and feel the difference. Made from high-quality ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple.

It's time to say goodbye to dry skin, wrinkles, and acne! Introducing the Blueberry Wonder Mask. With high moisture content, this wonder mask is easy to use and smells great too. It contains blueberry extract, an ingredient that provides super moisturizing. Give your skin the nourishment it needs with Glycerin and Hyaluronic acid advanced moisturizing.

How To Use:

1) After cleansing, gently place the mask on the whole face, and gently press with your fingers to make it sufficiently close to the skin.

2) Relax your spirit, enjoy the 15-20 minute time for the mask, and make the skin for absorbing nutrients fully.

3) Remove the mask. The face still has Essence. Gently massage can be used to help the skin to absorb.

4) In conjunction with the follow-up skin care products, the nutrients can be locked in the skin.

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