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BIOAQUA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask Hydrating & Moist

BIOAQUA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask Hydrating & Moist

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BIOAQUA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask Hydrating & Moist

Product Id: BQY3962

BIOAQUA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask Description:

Meet your skin's new best friend. It doesn't matter if you have sensitive skin or not. Life is full of unpredictable skin-drying circumstances like air conditioning, cold weather, or even plane rides. You'll never have to worry about dry skin again! The triple-action serum system attaches to your cotton sheet mask for maximum absorption of all the good stuff. The result? Moisturized, happy skin that's ready to take

We know you don't have time to spare, which is why we've developed a product that deeply penetrates the skin with three actions in one. Mix this easy-to-use serum with our cotton mask for a refreshingly hydrating treat for your face. The serum's powerful ingredients will leave your skin brighter, more even-toned, and softer than ever before!

Ditch the expensive and ineffective chemical treatments. Treat your skin to a pure, clean, and simple solution that's been tried and tested by thousands of people. BIOAQUA Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask is a super hydrating, deep cleansing, brightening, and antioxidant mask that's boosted with vitamins & minerals for the ultimate treatment of your skin. Get clean, soft, smooth skin with a brightened complexion with just one use.

Get your best skin ever! Experience our sensory-rich, triple-action mask that's as efficient as it is beautiful. It absorbs dirt and excess sebum while deeply moisturizing and brightening your skin. With a pure cotton mask to absorb impurities, you're guaranteed to get clear, radiant skin!

Clear, bright skin. What more could you ask for? The perfect, 3-in-1 mask and serum to deeply moisturize and brighten your complexion. A pure cotton sheet mask specifically designed to be breathable, comfortable, and absorb excess oil to reduce sebum while deeply moisturizing and brightening your skin perfectly with its super high potency of Hyaluronic Acid. Containing a powerful blend of natural oils that captures moisture.

How To Use:

Step 1: After cleansing, tidy the skin with cosmetic cotton

Step 2: Open the pouch, take out the mask, and spread the folded parts.

Step 3: Test the product on the back of your hand if you have sensitive skin, then apply the mask pack over the face.

Step 4: Adjust the mask on the face and press firmly and evenly over the face.

Step 5: Wait for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6: Remove the mask pack and tap softly to absorb the remaining essence on the skin.

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