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Dr Rashel Cleansing Water With Collagen Essence & Micellar All in 1

Dr Rashel Cleansing Water With Collagen Essence & Micellar All in 1

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Dr Rashel Cleansing Water With Collagen Essence & Micellar All in 1

Quantity: 300ml

SKU: DRL 1497

Dr Rashel Cleansing Water With Collagen Benefits:

This innovative formula was developed with the latest technology to meet the needs of the modern woman. It removes makeup, even waterproof makeup, without any rubbing or harsh chemicals. It's not only gentle, but it has a collagen essence and is suitable for sensitive skin as well. It's made to be used on your face, lips, and eyes without any need for rinsing afterward and you will notice the difference in your skin after one use.

Let's reveal your beautiful skin. Dr Rashel, a skin doctor from South Korea, has formulated cleansing water to cleanse & hydrate the skin. With its mild formula and no rinse, it's perfect for all types of skin. Mild formula, which provides a smooth texture on the skin, is suitable for sensitive skin. It does not have the irritating feeling of dryness & does not leave a residue. Removing waterproof makeup with just one product is really convenient for busy beauty lovers like you.

Dr. Rashel Cleansing Water's enriched formula provides cleansing, toning, and moisturizing abilities to create a healthy, smooth, and clear complexion. Unlike traditional makeup removers that can leave behind residue and irritate sensitive skin, Dr. Rashel Water is gentle on the skin with no harsh rubbing needed.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes, greasy makeup, and long hours of rubbing your skin raw. Say hello to Dr Rashel Cleansing Water With Collagen a face wash that's gentle on sensitive skin and gets the job done faster than you can say "no rub face wash." So don't wait for those tired eyes to get you down, toss out your old ways and get the oh-so-healthy benefits of Dr.Rashel Cleansing Water.

Dr Rashel Cleansing Water With Collagen is a three-in-one cleansing water that can remove makeup and waterproof makeup. It is mild and doesn't leave a sticky residue after use. No need to rinse, it leaves your skin feeling moist without any harsh rubbing. Use it on any type of skin, including sensitive skin. It's also suitable for removing waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes and contact lenses.

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