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Dr Rashel Sun Cream Hydrate Long Lasting UVA, UVB Protection SPF50+++

Dr Rashel Sun Cream Hydrate Long Lasting UVA, UVB Protection SPF50+++

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Dr Rashel Sun Cream Hydrate Long Lasting UVA, UVB Protection SPF50+++

Quantity: 60ml 

SKU: DRL 1466

Dr Rashel Sun Cream Hydrate Description:

Stop going through the same old routine. Lock in moisture, shield your skin with the best sun protection, and enjoy the summer! Dr. Rashel Sun Cream Whitening Long Lasting UVA, UVB Protection SPF50+++. 24-hour hydration. Soothe sunburned skin. Tanning protection against UV rays.

Our skin naturally darkens as we age so our sun protection should too! We recommend Dr.Rashel's Sun Cream for its lightening & soothing properties. You'll get 24-hour hydration, sunburn relief, long-lasting UVA & UVB protection, and protection against harmful UV rays. It's also great for dark-skinned people!

Be protected with Dr Rashel Sun Cream Hydrate SPF50+++, 24 hours, hydration, soothing sunburned screens, and UV rays protection.

Stay hydrated, nourished, and protected from sunburn with Dr Rashel Sun Cream Hydrate. With SPF50+++, it's long-lasting and effective UVA and UVB sunscreen protection. With a high sun protection factor, Dr Rashel Sun Cream can protect your skin from harmful UV rays that cause the skin to age prematurely.


Don't let the sun's harmful rays ruin your skin... Sun, wind, and dust can cause dryness, peeling, and premature aging. Protect your skin with Dr. Rashel Sun Cream, the ultimate body cream that protects you from UV damage and offers protection against skin darkening and aging.

Dr. Rashel Sun Cream is a High Protection, Long Lasting SPF50+++, Anti-Sunburn Sunscreen. It Works as a Soothing Treatment on Sunburned Skin, and as a Tanning Lotion. Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones from the Harmful UVA, and UVB Rays of the Sun with Dr Rashel's SPF 50+++, Insulate & Protect Skin against Adverse Effects of the Harmful UV Rays and environmental aggressors by protecting skin from dryness and cracking.

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