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Dr Rashel Vitamin C Day And Night Cream Pack of 2

Dr Rashel Vitamin C Day And Night Cream Pack of 2

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Dr Rashel Vitamin C Day And Night Cream Pack of 2

Product Id: DRL 1509 + DRL 1511


Moisturizing. Brightening. Anti-aging. Repairs and tightens skin. The day cream also protects from UV rays.

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For All Skin Types

Dr Rashel Vitamin C Day And Night Cream Description:

Say hello to your new best friend - the Vitamin C Day And Night Cream Pack! This dual cream pack comes in two different formulas, which helps you get all the benefits of Vitamin C both day and night. Whether you're looking for a moisturizing, nourishing, and brightening cream for the day or repair and tightening for the night, you'll be able to find what you need here. Safe to use even on sensitive skin, this product's long-term benefits will show themselves quickly: You'll have brightened and moisturized skin while also protecting it from

You deserve a moisturizing and brightening day cream and an anti-aging night cream. Dr Rashel's Vitamin C Day, Night Cream Pack of 2 is the perfect solution to help you achieve healthy, bright, tight skin with repair & anti-aging benefits.

She loved her younger-looking skin with our Pack of 2! Now she wants to share the secret. Our Vitamin C Day cream is a lightweight moisturizer that helps repair skin damage and protects from UV rays. The Vitamin C Night cream is a rich, concentrated moisturizer that clarifies and brightens your skin as it firms it up. Both come in this set of 2 jars for one low price! So don't wait any longer to start looking years younger with beautiful, plump, wrinkle-free skin again.

With this Pack of 2, you'll be able to brighten your skin by morning, moisturize by day and tighten your skin by night. This pack has the benefits of Vitamin C, which is rich in antioxidants and provides many anti-aging skin benefits. It also protects from UV rays for the day cream. Additionally, it has been clinically tested to show that it repairs and tightens pores. With these two in your skincare routine, you can achieve more radiant skin in no time!

ADDITIONAL BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: Dr Rashel has packed this vitamin c facial cream with hyaluronic acid that works effectively to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin, allowing re-plumping of skin and reducing skin sagging. These ingredients provide additional hydrating and skin-soothing benefits for the skin.

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