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Dr Rashel Vitamin C Makeup Fixer Brightening & Anti Aging

Dr Rashel Vitamin C Makeup Fixer Brightening & Anti Aging

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Dr Rashel Vitamin C Makeup Fixer Brightening & Anti Aging

Net Weight: 160ml

SKU: DRL 1514

Dr Rashel Vitamin C Makeup Fixer Description:

Introducing VC Makeup Fixer, the new age-setting spray. This refreshing and lightweight spray is perfect for keeping makeup fresh and set while treating skin to antioxidant protection 24 hours a day, without any greasy residue or shine. This multifunctional, hypoallergenic setting spray also doubles as a refreshing mist to lock in hydration for a supple, healthy-looking complexion.

The Dr Rashel Makeup Fixer is a great makeup setting spray to keep your makeup looking good for the day. This anti-pollution spray can help heal damaged skin to prevent future damage and leaves your skin hydrated, shine-free, and feeling smooth.

Say goodbye to dull, patchy makeup with our VC Makeup Fixer. It's the only setting spray on the market that protects your skin from environmental pollution by reducing pollution by up to 25%! This miraculous fixer is natural, lightweight, and smells like sunshine. It's time to say goodbye to your old makeup routine: Get your radiant skin back and say hello to a beauty routine that leaves your skin looking flawless for 24 hours.

We know you're looking for a makeup fixer that's also a skincare product. We've got your back! Dr Rashel Vitamin C Makeup Fixer is the perfect solution to fix your makeup while treating your skin. The anti-pollution setting spray prevents breakouts and leaves skin hydrated, brightened, and shine-free for 24 hours.

It's been a long workday and your makeup is starting to look tired. You need that flawless look for tonight, so you reach for your Vitamin C Makeup Fixer. This aerosol setting spray is designed to keep your make-up looking fresh and set for hours on end, all while keeping your skin hydrated and shine-free. The Vitamin C formula provides wrinkle-fighting botanicals with the rejuvenating properties it needs to be a true anti-aging miracle in a bottle. Freshly applied makeup will last all night without creasing.

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