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Instant Teeth Whitening Pen - Dazzling White

Instant Teeth Whitening Pen - Dazzling White

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Instant Teeth Whitening Pen - Dazzling White

SKU: 0012-10482-24

Instant Teeth Whitening Pen Benefits:

This Whitening Pen - Dazzling White will help you achieve a stunning, confident smile in minutes! Our professional brush-on whitening pen uses active oxygen bubbles to gently and safely eliminate apparent stains while the fast-drying gel makes it easy to use. Get your dazzling white smile today!

How To use Instant Teeth Whitening Pen:

1. Apply petroleum jelly to the inside of lips and gums prior to starting treatment (optional).

2. Shake pen, remove brush cover, and twist clockwise until gel covers brush head.

3. Gently apply a thin layer onto teeth, avoiding gums or lips.

4. Rinse gel off teeth after 10 minutes of application, as necessary.

5. Wipe any gel in contact with the lips, and rinse the area thoroughly.

6. Please view detailed instructions at www.dazzlingwthite, com.

7. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after the application.


1. Use the product only as directed and for its intended use (only intended for natural teeth). Not intended for children under 14 as the product contains peroxide.

2. Excessive use may temporarily cause teeth sensitivity. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients, if irritation or swelling occurs, or have sensitive teeth. Consult a dental professional or physician if any of these symptoms occur.

3. For external oral use only, Do not swallow. Do not exceed 2 applications per day.

4. May stain or discolor fabric.


Purified water, Hydrogen peroxide, Denatured alcohol, Polyvinyl pyrrolidone, Polyethylene glycol.

"Whitens up to 4 shades lighter with continued use, results may vary.

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